Recovery and Response

If your business is hacked, you need rapid response and recovery services.

Data breaches and attacks are becoming more common and more costly. The ability to rapidly respond to and recover from any type of incident is imperative to the survival of your business – which is why SirajTech offers recovery and response solutions to keep your business up and running.

Incident Response for Different Types of Attacks

Your business is at risk for phishing scams, cyberattacks, data breaches, ransomware attacks, and more. If your business is hacked, SirajTech’s cybersecurity solutions enable you to respond to that incident quickly and effectively


Ransomware attacks threaten the valuable data and systems that keep your business running. According to Emsisoft, ransomware incidents increased by 41% from 2018 to 2019, and more than 200,000 businesses lost file access due to these attacks. SirajTech’s cybersecurity solutions quickly identify ransomware attacks, minimize potential damage, and restore any affected systems.

DDoS Attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack can overwhelm your systems and bring down your website and corporate network. They’re also costly – a DDoS attack can cost anywhere from $120,000 for a small business up to $2 million for a large enterprise. To protect against DDoS attacks, SirajTech’s cybersecurity solutions rapidly identify abnormal increases in traffic and redirect that traffic before damage is done.

Data Breaches

A data breach occurs when a malicious actor gains access to an organization’s data storage through phishing, malware, or some other method. Data breaches are typically long-lasting attacks. According to IBM, it takes a company 206 days on average to identify a breach. Breach mitigation services offered by SirajTech work to quickly identify ongoing breaches, terminate unwanted access, and minimize the effects of the breach.

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Our Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery is all about keeping your affected business functioning in the event of a cyberattack or data breach. At SirajTech, we offer robust disaster recovery planning and services so that your downtime in the event of an attack is minimal.

Recover Data

If data is stolen, damaged, or made inaccessible, SirajTech works to restore the affected data from off-premise or cloud-based backups

Restore Websites

By keeping regular backups of your company’s website, SirajTech can restore complete functionality in the event your site is hacked.

Ensure Continuity

The experts at SirajTech work with you to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for your business. The goal is to protect mission-critical data and services and ensure that few, if any, operations are disrupted in the event of an attack.

Rely on SirajTech for Incident Response and Disaster Recovery Services

SirajTech is the premier source of incident response and disaster recovery services for Saudi Arabian businesses. We can provide a variety of managed IT services to protect your business from attack and help you stay up and running if your systems are hacked.