Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Securing against human errors and negligence

At SirajTech, we are aware of all the different threat vectors that can lead to data breaches and network intrusions. We are unique, however, in our focus on cybersecurity issues caused by people, not technology. Our cybersecurity solutions emphasize security awareness training that helps employees and management guard against intrusions and attacks facilitated by human error and negligence.

Why People are the Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity

BakerHostetler’s latest Data Security Incident Response Report details that the human factor accounts for almost two-thirds of all data breaches via phishing (37%), inadvertent disclosure of credentials (12%), stolen or lost devices (10%), and human error in system misconfiguration (4%). This data proves that when it comes to cybersecurity, the human factor is more dangerous than the technological factor.

Phishing and Social Engineering

Social engineering involves the psychological manipulation of people into revealing confidential information. When it comes to cybersecurity, the most common form of social engineering is phishing, where the attacker sends fake emails designed to trick employees into revealing their login credentials. Once safely inside the system, malicious actors can steal sensitive data or plant harmful malware.

Lost or Stolen Devices

An increasing number of employees are working from laptop computers, phones, and other mobile devices that are easily lost or stolen. Malicious actors can steal data from these devices or use them to gain access to corporate networks.

Human Error

People make mistakes. In the business world, these mistakes can include misconfiguring hardware or software, letting unauthorized users access company devices, entering the wrong email address for confidential communications, or forgetting to close private browsing sessions.

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Our Cybersecurity Awareness Solutions

To mitigate these human risks, employees need to be more aware of cybersecurity risks and best practices.

Security Awareness Training

The first step in increasing cybersecurity awareness is training employees to be more security conscious. At SirajTech, we provide customers with interactive cybersecurity awareness training that educates them about phishing and social engineering, email scams, malware, password best practices, and more.

Simulated Phishing Platform

Our cybersecurity awareness training includes a simulated phishing platform to train employees on how to avoid phishing scams. The platform enables companies to actively conduct simulated phishing tests on their own employees to gauge how susceptible they are to these kinds of attacks.


To provide the most effective awareness training for employees, we partner with KnowBe4, the leader in the cybersecurity awareness training. KnowBe4’s training platform is a winner of the Cyber Defense InfoSec Awards and has received accolades from Forrester, Gartner, and other institutions.

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