We believe real security is created by people

About SirajTech

Our mission is to empower our partners to succeed, and take full advantage of technological innovation, unhindered by fear of cybersecurity threats. We do that by focusing on the human element of cybersecurity.


Human-Focused Cybersecurity

Most security service providers focus on purely technology solutions – firewalls, security software, and so forth – and ignore the risk posed by people. Our human focus ensures that your business is fully protected from all types of cyberthreats.


In addition to protecting against the human threat, we recognize that cybersecurity technology is important. Our services are tech neutral so we can always focus on your security goals rather than what products you have
SirajTech | WE ARE LOCAL

We Are Local

Unlike many cybersecurity firms that operate remotely, we are based in Saudi Arabia and focus on local clients. We are close by to serve you better

Our Clients

We have worked with great people at great companies
Tamimi Trading Co.
Zamil Arabian Gulf Construction
Zamil Arabian Gulf Construction

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Our Team

We are a customer-focused team of trained professionals, with a passion for doing what’s right in alignment with our standards for operational excellence. We are also constantly hiring so if you are looking for a career move, get in touch or browse through our open positions.